Photo by XL Films

Photo by XL Films

Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms’ love secrets finally revealed

Clara is a one-woman show inspired by the life and music of Clara Schumann, the world famous classical pianist and composer, married to another great musician, Robert. The music might be classical, but the plays tackles very contemporary issues. Clara tells the story of a fascinating and complex artist, turning her relationships and life inside out, whilst she is preparing for a date with none other than the famous Johannes Brahms. 

Warning: this show contains live music, love and an unusual, eye-opening look into the past.

Directed by Catriona Kerridge

Musical direction by Stefania Passamonte

Clara was premiered in June 2018 at From The Forest Festival.             


This is a show that I hope will tour the world, giving a new voice to this maestro who herself visited and graced many cities with her music in the Romantic era.
— On Sophie's Balcony Blog
The themes really came across and struck me as quite original.This is a story not told in theatre often and I think it’s really interesting to see.
— Andrew Macklin, audience member
The show is written and performed so beautifully and sensitively, that we feel in the presence of the real Clara. Elena punctuates compelling storytelling with passionate piano playing, giving a great insight into how women were viewed in those times: child-bearers and domestic nurturers. Yet Clara wanted none of that. Inspirational and funny, poignant and clever.
— Monica Salvi, audience member