Sex, Love & Classical Music

Upcoming shows: 25th, 27th, 28th & 30th September Fidelio Space in Central London

Elena has created something very, very special. Sometimes, on a rainy night in a small theatre in Sherman Oaks, magic happens…
— NoHo Arts District

Clara is the untold story of feminist icon and ground breaking classical composer Clara Schumann. No, not Robert Schumann - Clara Schumann! The music might be classical, but the play tackles very contemporary issues. This one-woman show tells the story of a fascinating and complex artist, turning her relationships and life inside out, whilst she is getting ready for a date with none other than the famous Johannes Brahms. 

Warning: this show contains live music, love and an unusual, eye-opening look into the past.

Directed by Catriona Kerridge

Musical direction by Stefania Passamonte

“Mazzon is superb as Clara, single-handedly carrying the entire show and creating a relentlessly energetic presence so vividly realised that one almost feels as though the former Wieck herself has emerged into the present day.”
— London Theatre Reviews
Remarkable and elegant through and through, and when she is at the piano it is quite cinematic but the best thing about it is, it is not cinema, that’s why it’s so precious. A complete artistic endeavour.
— Live London Post