Sex, Love & Classical Music

Elena Mazzon is breathtaking as Clara. I cannot thank her enough for her performance and her brilliance, her devotion to the story, her creativity in its execution and for the music.
— NoHo Arts District

Clara is the untold story of feminist icon and ground breaking classical composer Clara Schumann. No, not Robert Schumann - Clara Schumann! The music might be classical, but the play tackles very contemporary issues. This one-woman show tells the story of a fascinating and complex artist, turning her relationships and life inside out, whilst she is getting ready for a date with none other than the famous Johannes Brahms. 

Warning: this show contains live music, love and an unusual, eye-opening look into the past.

Directed by Catriona Kerridge

Musical direction by Stefania Passamonte

The show is written and performed so beautifully. Inspirational and funny, poignant and clever.
— Monica Salvi, audience member

This is a show that I hope will tour the world, giving a new voice to this maestro who herself visited and graced many cities with her music in the Romantic era
— On Sophie's Balcony Blog